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Suggestions for next MG

I have a MAC 10 in .45 and 9mm and I'm thinking about my next one.
I'm looking at a rifle caliber and am looking for suggestions to help me choose (I know, probably a bad idea!).
A major point for me is affordability, so I'm looking at sub $20k options.
The belt fed options are: MG-08/15 and 1919/ ANM2. I'm shying away from them due to age and reliability, and also weight.
I like the look of a Lewis gun, but the ammo is less common and, again, age and weight.

Unless you change my mind, I'm looking at a .308 magazine fed. The choices are:
M1A/ M14
G3 (registered receiver).
I have shot the FAL but not the others (yet).

I'm particularly interested in what gives me the most options for modifications and changes - I like how I can swap uppers and calibers on my MAC-10. I think the most mods are available for the M1a, but I'm not sure and am looking for input.
Thanks for your thoughts!
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Vickers. Or mg42
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Bawana jim
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This is subguns dot Com for an idea of available guns.

Then another board...
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1919's can use 7.62x51, 8mm, and .30-06 with easy swap.
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FN Nuts
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If you really want a belt fed, go for the 1919. They are built like a tank and parts are plentiful if you do need them. Still inside your price point.

If you would rather a mag fed 7.62, I'd say get a FAL. Again, built like tanks and parts are plentiful. Plus, you can build it up new again from scratch if you need to.

I'm a shooter of my MG's so breakage is a fact of life.
I own both of these and am very happy with them.

Other than that, I'd tell you that an M16 is a must.
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Well if you were ever considering a BM59, mags and spares have never been more reasonable.
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