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looking for a good .22lr to run a 22sparrow SS on.

Just got my silencerco 22Sparrow SS suppressor and I need to get a firearm to run it on. I want to get a reliable .22 LR semi auto Pistol to mate it with. Looking for suggestions . I have the adapter for the Walther P22 . The walther is rather small but if they new model is reliable suppressed, I might try it. I don't care for its very small size. Any suggestions and experience.? Also wondering if a Ruger 1022 works well with this suppressor. Thanks.
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I highly recommend the S&W 22 Compact. Although threre has been complaints of people losing the rear sight parts, I can say that once sighted in I put some green loctite on mine and it has been quite the performer. Have never experienced a failure of any kind.

My Ruger 10/22 magnum runs well with the Sparrow as does a Walther P22 that I have. I see no reason a 10/22 wouldn't run.

Currently run mine on a Nylon 66 and use it for squirrel, coon and possums.

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I have a S&W Victory and a Ruger MK4 and both run great with my Sparrow and Dead Air Mask.

Ruger 10/22 functions well suppressed also. My go to ammo is CCI standard velocity, very quiet, accurate and reliable.

Out of my bolt action CZ 455 I run CCI Quiet; fun stuff, all you hear is a puff of air.
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I have a tiny rim fire can that I run on a Beretta Minx in 22 short and Beretta Bobcat 22lr which are tiny pistols and no longer made to my knowledge. Also run this can on a Ruger Mk1 22lr and even my dedicated subsonic 10/22 rifles. I am used to swapping sights to get a sight picture over the can with tiny pistols and usually have best luck finding tall versions in tritium night sights.

Have a pair of Kel Tec PMR 30s which are the 30 round per magazine 22 magnums. Kel Tec says they are not recommended for use with suppressors and learned using a Former 1 can which I built specifically for testing and is easy to fix if get end strikes or baffle strikes that a rim fire can and pistol do not get along. Have discovered my 9mm Osprey can is rated for use on 22 rim fire so gave it a try and the large hole for 9mm bullets eliminate the back pressure, baffle strike and end strike issues while quieting the 22 mag down substantially.

Be careful experimenting with odd ammo and pistols as many will void the warranty on your can. Many rim fire cans warranty is voided if shoot Aguila 60 grain Sniper Subsonic through them. Have have no issues using them through a 1:9 fast twist rifle barrel. Remember when your testing outside of manufacturers recommendations you may tally up a nice repair bill. He seen people ruin cans in the past but luckily I have not destroyed one yet.
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I have a 22 Compact and love it as well. Bought extra mags cause 2-10 rounders are not enough to have loaded when you get to shooting it. It digests everything I have fed it, is accurate and is the most used host of my Form 1 can. Standard velocity is my go to ammo as it is just below speed of sound for me.
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Thanks! I will check them out. how about the Buck mark with the threaded barrel.?
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Beretta model 71 with fake supressor

And that is not just because he is based near my hometown.
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