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Why double stack mags are so rare?

I know the Remington 597 has double stack and so one of the Taurus .22 pistol, and from what I have heard both work rather well. And I think the plastic banana magazines for the 10/22 are also double stack. But everything else in .22 I can think of uses single stack from factory.

Maybe I do not know many .22 firearms?
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Could it be due to the possibility of Rim Lock?

I know 32 ACP has this issue due to the small they have.
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My Grendel P30 and Keltec PMR 30s run fine with double stack 22 Magnum magazines. Assume it's much easier to engineer and build a single stack thus less issues to worry with. How many need high capacity rimfires? I do love the American 180 with 275 roumd drum fed magazine in full auto. Dumps a lot of energy in short period of time even with a rim fire due to volume of fire.
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Old October 28, 2019, 16:57   #4
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I would guess :

1. Rim lock and feeding issues as other person suggested ( I know the keltec 22mag were very clear on how they had to be loaded to prevent that )
2. Most 22 are made for plinking or other roles were a double stack mag and a wider grip are not worth the trade off in mag increse
3.Maybe also as 22lr pistol are easier to get or a my first handgun in many countries so keeping it at 10 rounds would make it legal more places

I know the m&p 22lr hold 12 at least for the org .Some of the colts do as well and the like ..But double stack or really over 10 round 22 handguns esp are rare
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Also being rimfire with the go bang section of the cartridge on the outer edge it probably is frowned upon having too much spring force in the design.

How many of you have held the follower down via some thumb button while free dropping cartridges into the magazine..........and lost your grip on the follower snapping the first round or two wildly into the feed lips.

Yea nothing ever went bang on me either but it made me consider the possibility.
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Old November 16, 2019, 14:52   #6
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Like Huey says, American 180 is an energy dumper.

I see a lot of reasons that the Powers that be do Not want .22 double stacks, Imagine a 1000 men/women with American 180's in hand and Pissed off?
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Originally Posted by ALL FAL View Post
I see a lot of reasons that the Powers that be do Not want .22 double stacks, Imagine a 1000 men/women with American 180's in hand and Pissed off?
Okay.. That is just hilarious to think about for me.
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