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Originally Posted by MAINER View Post
I hates to be an ignorant, but could I inquire as to what "U.S. & S" is?

I know Singer Sewing made them, be that them?

Union Switch & Signal popped up in my mind also.

That would be a prized 1911 to be sure.
Singer is the rarest 1911a1 out there with only 500 pieces and is a true holy grail.
Its interesting to note that Singer didnt actually produce any 1911a1's for WWII.

They did an 'educational' run of 500pcs. right before the war (1940 iirc) to see if they could fill govt contracts. The govt owned machinery they used was then transferred to Remington who went on to produce them for the war effort.

WWII production in round numbers;
Remington 900k
Colt 400k
Ithaca 400k
US&S 50k
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