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Originally Posted by RRotz View Post
I just moved back from Australia and it was damn lonely without my little black friends. Cost of a Beretta92FS? $3000 - mag capped to 10rnds and you MUST keep your firearm in a rented range locker. are mostly wrong there mate. A new 92FS is $1109, a Brigadier is $1400. Yes there is a 10 round limit but you are most certainly able to store it at home as long as you have an approved safe. And yes that is Vic law I am quoting
Originally posted by GOVT1911
You could do some searching and find a nice TLC and do the same thing, still saving a bunch of $$ and end up with a nice, comfortable CAPABLE rig...
(Jiminy Christmas, did I just recommend a 'yota?!!??)
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