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Originally Posted by John A View Post
I believe the definition of ARM should intentionally be left blank. Just like it was back in the late 1700's.

We don't know what kind of weapons systems there will be 200 years from now. A thousand years from now.

We don't know what kind of technological advancements are going to take place.

ARM is anything that you can use to keep you on a level playing field with anyone who would try to say otherwise.

Back when the Bill of Rights was penned, Arms included navy ships and cannons, and long guns and ammunition and swords and sabers and whatever else was in use at the time.
Good point, one I had forgotten about. Your definition above is a good one.
"2A was specifically for, as you note, dealing with what is no longer feasible within the system. This applies to all organs of the state, whether they carry badges, gavels or law degrees."
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