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OK, it's follow up time. You guys that are wanting Sig Stg 57's will be happy to see these pics. There are already approved samples. That's been done. These are the very first to roll of the assembly line, albeit a small test lot. There were will be very slight changes made to these to assist in the production, but they are complete, functional, US made receivers. Some barrels have been made. And, for those wondering, there will be both 7.5 Swiss and .308 NATO caliber, but the barrel profile with the be the same with both-the heavier 7.5 profile will be used and they will be nitrided, too. These are chamber fluted, too. The receivers are as they were originally produced, roller locked, tack welded and then furnace brazed. These have been a long time in the making and, hopefully, may have stampings/shells available as soon as 12 to 15 weeks. I know there are some here that do awesome work, but...........


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