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Originally Posted by C2A1 View Post
This was almost 20 years ago now. Very interesting what is floating around out there today.
Read this and been digesting it. Have three home-brew and two commercially made frequency jammer that allow me to select a frequency range or majority of radio spectrum and wash it for a specific radius or direction based on frequency, power of jammer and whether use omnidirectional or directional antennas. Even my best unit requires ten separate antenna and have to amplify each for any significant range beyond my property line for some frequencies and others a 1/4 mile of disruption is maximum ability whille risking burning up an expensive amplifier if keep it "key down" for any length of time.

A foil parachute properly engineered becomes a parabolic antenna for its payload with dispersion pattern based on shape and distance from emitter to the dish. How the mettalic "parachute cords" interact with the dish and emitter to scatter the EMP is way above my engineering skill level and not something going to find in tables or research on the resonance of guy wires on antenna masts. It's amazing how different an antenna acts when guy wires are insulted from electrical contact with tower or have series of insulators breaking the guy wires into a sees of specific lengths for planned resonance of each section. Got into a conversation with an old school commercial radio engineer about resonance of guy wires and tried to understand some of what he was passing on but could barely track terminology much less actual theory.

A mortar being an easy item to build or improvise on the fly have been considering how to accomplish this application for frequency jamming. If could wash all the comms for a group operating on the horizon or their advance party a half mile away from your location without washing your own or at least damaging your equipment would be huge. In a SHTF even a group of rogue operators using FRS/GMRS radios for man to man comms would be affected to lose their comms. This is why all of my personal battle kits have a UHF radio and a low band VHF radio both with scramble capabilities. Goal is if detect opposing force using UHF we switch to low band VHF and then jam the UHF band in proximity to the Ponderosa and vice versa. May or may not work but if detected comms in area, used my "fox hunting" gear to locate direction and distance to unrecognized possibly hostile communications before they got too close ability to use a compressed air "potato cannon", black powder mortar or better yet a single or multistage model rocket to deliver a device that would damage the circuits in their communication equipment would be cool.

If able to deliver by field mortars the emitter can't be that big but may likely take a power source a simple hillbilly can't gain access to or build. Have gathered a ton of information on EMP devices that disrupt and damage electronics in as small of an area as one to three meters which take little power but aiming would have to be precise unless they were prepped on remote triggers or tripwire type initiators. When see items like below for sale on the Internet and recognize have almost every component if not all in the pile of parts already makes a person think.

These people sell plans and components for all kinds of EMP devices from handheld to fry your nutsack. It's nice when a good bit of the engineering is an inexpensive
plan or found free in other places and then a little hacking and modification begins but not got my mind around anything small enough to launch without a big black powder mortar that shock of launch may kill the device before clears the bore. Any advanced electronics hobbiests hanging around?
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