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Originally Posted by nwobhm View Post
So you are basing your opinion on what Sarco throws into a box?
No, I am basing my "suspicion" on a collection of parts that all bears the same extreme corrosion that is typical of Cuban and atypical of Austrian. Must be the Nordic predisposition to anal retentiveness, but nobody claims the Austrians let their rifles get rusty.

I am well aware of what SARCO puts into kits, as I traded a lot of the parts for MG Dave to finish them out, sell them to customers, who then ship them to me for builds. Argy and Cuban mostly.

I don't recall Cuban guns to have had sand cut carriers.
And I don't recall StG carriers being sand cut.

What I'm attempting to do is get validation on is the basis for asserting such and such is Austrian. Not "well I read it on FF. Too many WAGs become "fact" through repetation with no basis.

IF the oval proof is not only Austrian, but also FN, then a FN carrier with oval proof going to Cuba is not in conflict.

FN carriers with # inside an oval are, from my experience, exclusive to Israeli kits. Those Israeli carriers, IIRC, are all single cammed. Also, IIRC, they also had the box proofs too.

I learned long ago never top say never or always with regard to FAL parts. I am seeking the basis for an assertion, not suggesting the assertion is false.

IMHO it is a sand cut StG-58 carrier and if I were still into collecting I wouldn't blink at buying it. I have no use for it whatsoever and I want it.
You wouldn't want it anymore as I've already renumbered it to a DSA receiver for a generic build. I just wanted to document any unusual parts prior. Heck, I just got in a CAI sporter with EXC+ Belgian brown HGs on it.
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