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I was on the site every minute the drillers, setters and blaster was. When dad hired rock blown for sign footings in a shopping or housing area I made sure from the fist guy who surveyed the site to guys who sifted the remnants I was up their @$$ asking questions. Every shot we paid for the crew covered the area with a series of nets made from steel cable to keep a rogue rock from launching a quater mile from the site.
That brings back memories. Around Rodgers City limestone kept us from drilling holes for regular dynamite sticks. So the drill crew was supposed to use jackhammers with a big pin on them to make a small diameter hole for a charge in the limestone but we could never find those small holes for some reason (like they were not drilled in the first place) so we would just lay the bubblegum charges on the surface and sometimes under a rock. Yeah, we did that. So I learned patience. Long after all the rocks and tree branches have come down and it was seemingly safe to move sometimes a big one would startle everyone with a really late impact. Really! Late!
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