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Originally Posted by meltblown View Post
This thread is ghey. I have an A5 shotty that will work your ass over after a box or 2 shooting regular 2 3/4 low brass 8 shot.
There was a time when I had a single barrel M37 Winchester (12ga, 28in, full choke) that would do the same thing in much less than a box or two. I bought it mostly because I paid $18 for it. used (OK, so it was in the early 1980s, but that was still dirt cheap) and it was beautifully made, especially for the price (no crappy scratching (er, I mean, engraving, of course) on the very nice flat sides of the receiver and a nice beech stock.

I don't have it anymore. There are times that I regret selling it because it evoked a time when Winchester made really nice, inexpensive stuff, but then I remember shooting it and regret it less...

And, like yovinny, I also wonder what the point is here even after the 'explanation.'

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