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So basically pud-loading .30-06 or .308 is a no go like the Japanese did for the Type 64 rifle?

I'm no ammo designer, but it's notable that .208 British has about a 8mm shorter shell casing than .308/7.62mm NATO, and that the 7.35 Carcano (and 6.5mm Carcano for that matter) and .276 Pedersen have a base/rim diameter similar to 7.62x39mm. The .270 British (which was designed at the same time as the .280 but was abandoned in favor of the .280 in 1948 or '49) also had a base/rim diamater identical to those rounds.

Also, .30 TC was noted as having signifcantly less recoil than .308 or .30-06, for similar velocities and with similar bullet weights (it was designed to use commonly available .308 bullet types). And 6.5x50mm Arisaka had very low recoil for a high powered rifle, and fired 140 grain bullets usually. Even the Fedorov Avtomat was reasonably controllable for a full auto rifle that weighed less than 10 lbs.
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