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Originally Posted by hueyville View Post
Most of wife's sisters and cousins have minimum of Masters Degrees from Universities located from New York to Boston. For some reason a few went that way and majority followed. Needless to say most are super liberal, Trump hating, anti gun supporters and it blows their mind first time they visited. Come up on front porch and read a sign telling cops to slow their roll or risk being met with force necessary to repel them was a total brain melting concept. Then when entered and noticed rifles/handguns very handy of which many are AR 15's to FN FAL's equipped with huge magazines and "silencers" they actually have asked me if could unload and put them away to which I politely said no and if they keep hands off no will sprout legs and a brain then go on a killing spree as become self aware.

Two who came to visit decided to stay at a hotel rather than our guest room. Amazes me how ignorant of a simple mechanical device they can be as we're afraid guns might accidentally discharge and hurt/kill someone. The suppressed SBRs and suppressed pistols on night stands really freak them out and can't comrehend I don't want to look for ear plugs or blind myself with own muzzle flash if door is smashed down in middle of night. Just want to get to work.
And when the Red Flag laws come to your State, the police will come to seize your firearms (for the safety of others and yourself, of course) and hold you until you can prove your sanity...

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