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Originally Posted by brunop View Post
I'm going down the "spur" myself.

To all the Oregon & Washington people who've given me crap because I can't get my 6.5C AR-10 to run? All you people killing me at every opportunity?

It ain't my fault.

Proof just sent me an RA and shipping label. Turns out that they ran some barrels with short headspace. I happened to get one.

Oddly I had to send a 7mm-08 carbon wrap Proof Research barrel back and am considering their stainless 6.5C as a replacement. Have read of many people not being satisfied till installed second Proof barrel and know two people have come into LGS that had to return Proof Research barrels. Do they just send them out when come off the line without running any Q.C.? That said everyone that gets a good one absolutely loves it. I want one but after sending the 7mm back as could tell it was off with naked eye am a bit leery how they will act if have one that just doesn't shoot to my satisfaction and try to say they can't stand behind a barrel put on a "home built" rifle.

That said while like to find bargains and plan to look through Black Friday till After Christmas for a Proof, Kreiger, Bartlein or other single point cut rifled barrel at a deal if have to pay full price I will on this next build. My plan is to build the best 6.5C I possibly can for 1,000 yard shots if necessary. Because have always been a big 7mm fan had started down the 7mm-08 road before 6.5C became the hot new kid on the block. Doubt will find any cartridge that does want 7mm Practical does but can't pack that big cartridge in an AR 10 chassis. Now have pair of 6.5C in AR 10, M1a/M14 and turn bolt. Am finding if do it right unless spend big to have a custom turn bolt built by top name smith can build AR 10's that shoot with many off the rack precision turn bolts. Of course a properly built and blueprinted light benchrest/F Class build is in its own realm.

Keep us apprised of how the Proof 6.5C project turns out as will drop $900 to get a lighter barrel that holds a descent group to 1,000 yards. Most likely the rifle will be used to cull deer over south Georgia crop fields where range of rifle is only limiting factor in distance you can engage deer and farmers don't care if you drop twenty in five minutes then wait and repeat soon as the smoke clears. Missing opportunities for shots on the third or fourth deer due to time takes to cycle the bolt and get back on target with the big 7mm. Hoping a top notch 6.5C repeater will allow me to transition from deer to deer until all are moving too fast or laying dead.
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