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Originally Posted by hagar View Post
Clean it well, starting with a strong copper solvent. Might just be crud on top of the lands and grooves.

I don't know what it is about the Brits, did they just tell their troops to use motor oil and bootlaces to clean guns...
Well, so I've started. Good grief, that HAS to be the nastiest non-muzzle loading barrel I have ever tried to clean! I led strong with Butch's Bore Shine, then patches with #9, oil and dry. Then more Butch's, brush, #9, oil, dry, repeat, repeat, repeat. My patch stash is going to take a material hit on this project.

Before, it was like a black hole, even sucking up the light from my LED Key light, making it look like a 80's vintage Mini Mag Light AAA beam! It's slightly improving, the lands look decent(ish), but the grooves are packed still. Maybe hope (probably not...) Tomorrow: J&B Bore Paste.

I took the Bubba-Gump "No-Gunsmithing Mount" off of it, and I don't see where anything was filed, ground or cut, so I guess a replacement stamped rear sight would be okay for this? Can one of you guys in the know tell me what parts go along with that? Some sort of axle and flat spring for the sight body to the receiver, I guess? The Bubba mount also replaced a screw forward on the left side of the action, down low, is that the ejector screw?
If I can scrounge those parts and sub assemblies, along with a sling swivel (front, but not all the way forward.), I think I'll have it complete, maybe I'll even luck out and find a spike bayonet sheath & frog at the next gun show, who knows?
Anyhow, if anybody can tell me of those areas mentioned, if my mental parts list is correct, or if I am leaving something out, that would be great!
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