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Full course of fire in one spot for the 10K.

Stage 1 - Well F@ck Presented by MOA Targets LLC

So the apocalypse has happened. You're a ways from home and all you have is your pistol. You need a rifle, and you know just the gangbangers house where to get it. But you never can tell what kind of rifle they're gonna have.

Stage your rifle to the side. Draw one of three colors. On the buzzer, engage the Mini Mo target from 10 yards. This target will require you to hit the "bullseye" chest plate, which will raise the head target. You will then shoot the head target, knocking it down and resetting. Reholster your pistol. Run to the board matching the color you drew. Pick up the rifle behind that board. It is loaded with an unknown amount of ammo. Engage 5 rifle targets. If you run out of rifle ammo, you may pick up the melee weapons associated with your rifle and clear the remaining targets.

Required pistol hits - 2
Required rifle hits - 5 from a stage gun

Stage 2 - Toddler Rescue Presented by Firearm Guard

Zombies are attacking and you've gotta save the little kid. Even if he is ugly. Don't shoot the other people trying to escape though. Murder is still bad.

On the buzzer pick up the simulated toddler and move forward through the cave. You will engage 5 zombie targets one handed. Each target can be neutralized with a single headshot. Hits anywhere else on the target won't do any good. A hit anywhere on a no shoot will cost you 30 seconds to your shoot time. After you have completed the course of fire, return the simulated toddler to his starting position and exit the cave.

Required pistol hits - 5

Remember, you will need some sort of light to move through the cave. Weapon mounted lights fine for the course of fire, but you will need to get to the start position without one. I recommend a headlamp or handheld light that fits in your pocket.

Stage 3 - The Walking(and crawling) Dead Presented by Alexander Arms

The Walking Dead are bad enough. Did you know that small animals who eat zombie flesh get the virus too? Destroy the human zombie hoard, then take out the zombie rats.

Start in shoot box 1, find and engage all targets with a single hit from your rifle. Move to shoot for 2, repeat. There are 20 hits between the two shoot boxes, the RO will not point out targets and you will decide when you have hit them all. Then, move to shoot box 3, and transition to your pistol. Clear the 10 targets hanging from the stand.

Each left not neutralized is a 30 second penalty. Each pistol target left is a 10 second penalty.

This is the only steel target stage with penalties instead of a DNF since you aren't being told how many targets can be engaged from each shoot box. Rifle targets will be 6-10 inch plates ranging from 50-100 yards. Pistol targets will be 2-6 inches at a range of about 7 yards.

Required rifle hits - 20
Required pistol hits - 10

Stage 4 - Defending Area 51 - Presented by Smokes Composites

Just cuz the apocalypse has happened doesn't mean you get to blow off duty. Defend the aliens against the swarm of hipsters, geeks, and other aliennappers.

Start by moving up to the VTAC board. There are 5 pistol targets(Kyle's) ranging from 7-12 yards and 5 rifle targets(Naruto Runners) from 50-75 yards. You must hit one target from each port of the VTAC board, including the barricade on the outside. You can choose which targets to engage first, rifle or pistol, and which ports to shoot that weapon out of. You can only use each port to hit a single target, then must transition to a different port.

Required rifle hits - 5
Required pistol hits - 5

Stage 5 - Golems Presented by ThunderBeast Arms
A mad wizard has created a bunch of golems! Kill them all before they can terrorize the country side.

On the buzzer, engage the targets from nearest to farthest. The closest target will be a 4 inch plate at 60 yards. The furthest will be a very large plate at 500. The 8 in the middle are of various sizes at unknown distances.

Required Rifle Hits - 10

Stage 6 - Quick Draw Mcgraw - Presented by Mantis X
You come upon a rogue flying monkey in the woods. Take him out before he can eat your face!
On the buzzer you will have 5 seconds to draw and make a single hit on a target at 7-10 yards.
Required pistol hits - 1

Stage 7 - Awww crap, these guys STILL heal? - Presented by Seekins Precision
Hit all 6 heads of the hydra in a row otherwise they'll just grow back! If you miss, you gotta move so you don't get bit!
On the buzzer, engage the plate rack at 15 yards. You must make a clean run to finish the stage. If you miss any plate, you will run around the barrel roughly 5 yards to your left(keeping your muzzle pointed down range)
while the RO resets the plate rack.
Required pistol hits - 6

Stage 8 - Planet of the Apes - Presented by Burris Optics
The apes have taken advantage of the chaos to show that they have evolved. They're making a play for ownership of planet earth. Kill the underlings, while simultaneously punching through Ceasar's armor to take him out!
Start in shootbox 1, hit all 6 pistol targets. Safely transition to your rifle as you move to shootbox 2. Hit one of the 5 smaller gongs, then the large silhouette. Repeat until you have hit all 5 gongs, and have hit the large silhouette 5 times.
Required pistol hits - 6
Required rifle hits - 10

Total rifle hit count:45
Total pistol hit counts:35
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