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New feature! We are offering a "gun handling and safety orientation" course for those who wish to take it on Saturday morning. If you've never did a RnG before, or any competition shooting, then this class maybe something you wanna check out. It'll be an hour to an hour and a half and will cost 10 bucks per shooter. It will be COMPLETELY COLD. No live fire will happen. But you'll go over how to clear your rifle and show it as such to an RO. How to clear your pistol and show it. How to reholster safely. How to move with your weapons without flagging everyone around you. A very basic intro for those who want/need it. Sign up for this will happen on race day at registration. So if you're interested, please bring an extra 10 bucks in cash. Half the money is going to Mission 22. The other half is going to pay the 3 ROs who will act as instructors for their time.
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