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Had an excellent day, Mike. The wife and I very much appreciate the invite and the warm welcome. Your property is beautiful, I'm envious, your BBQ is top shelf, and the company felt like family.
Thanks again for hosting the event, opening up your home, and doing all the hard work in the days prior. And thanks to Jeri for her hard work and contributions as well as putting up with all the jabbering males!

And thanks to all who attended for the fellowship and sharing of the love for our hobby. It's people and events like this one that make owning and maintaining hundreds of pounds of equipment over the years and through several moves worth it.

Finally, a shout out to Mark at ARS for the goodie box he donated to the event. Thanks, Mark! There was an example of your work there that looked beautiful and performed very nicely and it was neat to have a little of you there with us.
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