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Originally posted by Strike Penguin
Just to add what little bits I've found:

- "Type A" stocks apparently have a couple of variations in the cut-outs for the head of the locking lever. My theory is that earlier Type As (trial rifles, early Belgians, BGS G1s, etc.) had a curved cut at the top of the left-hand "wing". Later Type As have a more angled cut in this spot. I noticed some differences in the cuts while I was looking over some photos for Blue Monster.

- FN's wood finish for early contracts ( up until maybe the late 50's?) was a clear nitrocellulose lacquer like you find on guitars. At some they went over to plain old BLO, and different countries may have done their own thing from the beginning. I've found lacquer on Argentine stocks from Sarco, G1 pistol grips, and 1957-dated Belgian wood handguards.
The laquer that you note was an afterthought. The original finish was just plain oil. I take this info from the new stocks I have collected over the years, Type A, B, and C.
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