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I posted these in the “Show me Some Wood” thread, but thought I’d post them here in with the Shotties. As you can see, I'm a sucker for the Wingmasters!

Top one is an 870 Wingmaster that I've had since I got it new when I was 12 (1975ish). Blued finish w/ TB walnut trap stock and 28" fixed modified barrel.

The lower one is an ex-LE 870 Wingmaster I bought from 308shooter here on the Files. I was amazed at how nice the parked metal finish was once I cleaned it up. It has a nice 26" Remchoke barrel and I added some nice late 70's vintage walnut to dress it up.

The last one is another 870 Wingmaster from 308shooter. This one has a 30" FC barrel and has an awesome even patina. The walnut furniture is pretty worn out so I was going to refinish the whole thing. But the patina is so cool I think I'm going to pick up a vintage LE stock for it and add an 18” IC barrel To make a unique looking home defense gun. We'll see.

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