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Originally Posted by bubbagump View Post

And if POLICY is the objective it doesn't matter how many paths there are if they all lead to the same place, sheesh. You jokers are like a bunch of high schoolers, rooting for your team. Knowing nothing and caring less about what the game actually is, as long as your side 'wins'.
Only they are not the same polices.

Since the NL and 5 star parties were elected in Italy, polices such as immigration have changed radically.
And when NL gains even more power as they will shortly there will be even more radical changes to policy.

When in the past did the Italian Navy block immigration taxi ships to port?
When did the captains of those vessels get arrested in the past?
NL's Salvini,, We have gone from 76,858 landings in 2017 to 2,544 this year (midway through 2019).”

“I want to continue positive trend,” he said.

Of course, you will deny that reducing illegal landings substantially is a change.

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