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Many think that the Fed makes their money on individual's and nation's debt. If interest is 0% then the Independent Federal Bank, which is not part of the US Government nor controlled by the US Government will not make any money. Control is wielded by constantly bashing the Fed in the MSM. This existing monetary system was invented by the World combined Feds and called the Petro Dollar System, which replaced the Gold Standard Dollar in 1960's.

Maybe time for precious metals supported dollar again. China does not have an Independent central by Communist Party. They set the value of the Yuan where it benefits exports. Trump is using tariffs to balance the Yuan manipulation. All trading countries are tied financially so they must play ball with the buyers of their goods or layoff workers. If Trump is re-elected then Fed must be reformed.

I used to worry about the US debt but not now as the current debtor system will fail of it's own weight. Just ponder the Federal Debt, Student Loan Debt, Credit Card Debt and Junk Mortgage Debt. It will never be paid back.
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