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Originally Posted by Syntax Error View Post
So I shined a light through the gas port and noticed no light was going to the barrel. Is there no gas port drilled in my barrel or could it be some built-up gunk or crud blocking the gas port hole? Not sure. Tried poking the gas port hole through the front of the gas block and couldn't really get anything unstuck if there is something stuck, so there is a possibility the barrel on this kit isn't drilled for a gas port? I guess I'll know after the first firing if the gas port (if blocked with crud) will clear out with the first round or not.
Its going to have a port drilled in it. You can stick a rod/wire at an angle down through the port on the top of the gasblock where the regulator is installed all the way through to the barrel. If the gas plug is installed make sure it is in the right position, it can be installed to either let gas through or be turned 180 degrees to block the gas port.
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