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Originally Posted by sniperdoc View Post
In the pictures, there is a lovely lady dressed in blue. She is wearing a chest holster,but it is worn incorrectly. Is this because of range/match rules?
Pretty much. Also, I don't like cross body draw. With it worn like it's supposed to it's very close to/breaking the 180 which is a big no-no in action matches. I was just trying to improvise. I could not even find pics of women in dress uniform carrying pistols so I'm not sure it ever was a thing. If you know more about that I would love to know how they did it!

Originally Posted by Invictus77 View Post
I would love to meet you and shoot with you raubvogel, so this is in no way meant as discouragement to you, but where was the SKS used in '45 or before to make that an option? I always thought late '40s in Russia was first....
We considered the SKS to be a very borderline gun. Late in '45 prototypes were used by the red army in small amounts. I don't think of SKS when I think of WWII either but I had someone asking if they could bring one, I said if you can show me online where they were fielded before/in 45 you can bring it, and he did, so... lol. We will allow again this year.

Originally Posted by stimpsonjcat View Post
Hey match director, can I shoot my XXXXXX?
-what if it isn't in the original caliber?
-has an aftermarket flash suppressor?
-aftermarket sights?
-laser beams attached?
-extra-giant magazines?
-custom ammo?
-can I shoot it upside down and backwards since I broke/amputated my pinky toe?
-is there an extra fee to force you to stop being match director long enough to hear me explain how cool it is?
-12 of us want to share it during the match, can you schedule that?
-I am on drugs, and possibly drunk, can I still shoot?
-belt-feds OK?
-are you ordering extra t-shirts?
-will there be food? Will it be vegan/nut-free/keto?
-can I bring my pet?
-will there be a range I can sight in on?
-can I camp on the range?
-can I use tracers?
-I have a great idea for a stage, do you want to hear all about it?

That's all I got off the top of my head...I may check old emails when I get home.

Jess' Birthday is the 15th...they ain't coming. But if it ends up being a glitter-bomb party I may flee. Either to the cabin or up your way.
you crack me up!!
"I know the stories of women murdering their ways across campaigns. Riding into combat on horseback and creating rivers of blood where they went. I'll be damned if I'm going to pretend they can't be killers in their own right."
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