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Sounds fun!
Couple of questions:
1) Are Shooters who are Disabled penalized if they cannot safely assume or recover from a prescribed shooting position, or if they have a condition which prevents them from being physically able to fire from a weak hand position?
2) Would a Thompson/Auto Ordnance 1927a1 (semi auto) be permitted in the Carbine Class?
3) Are Revolvers allowed?
4) Are TT-33 Pistols (7.6225mm) allowed?
5) Are Semi Auto Sterling's allowed (Sterling/Patchett SMGs were used late in the war)

I'm not trying to cheat or violate the spirit of the match, just trying to figure out
1) If it would be worthwhile to attend (I have spinal injuries that would make it hard to get up while safely handling a firearm, and am missing muscle tissue and bone from left forearm, as well as having a Titanium plate)
2) Just wondering what firearms to bring. I don't want to bring stuff I can't use.


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