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Originally Posted by fly2.0 View Post
Including a micro pistol brace compatable with the 4.75" pistol buffer kits and a 5.5" cold hammer forged chrome lined bore 5.56 barrel plus other odd parts this link is either great or my worst nightmare. Math says (usually lies from manufacturers specs due to amount of threaded area that does or doesn't allow some parts to overlap when assembled) should total out around 17" OAL building the 5.5" barrel. I don't know if this bargain parts thread is good or totally evil. While I have seen working AR's on Utube with barrel so short when round is chambered could see tips of bullets nestled in muzzle and one where tip of bullet actually extended beyond muzzle. Looked totally goofy but it fired cycled and fired rounds till hit the BHO and gun locked open properly.

Soon as get through this micro build phase going to sit down with pictures, specs and go back to work on my AR website along with adding several full sized builds for night vision and binary weapons. Then set in on the wildcats and testing for website. Want to explore every aspect of oddness now while on this track whether it makes sense or not. Just solving the function issues should be worth the effort for informational purposes. With Utube pulling so many "how to build this" videos folks with their own sights and discussion lot of effort is needed to spread the retarded builds to the masses.
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