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Originally Posted by The Chief View Post
Sooooo... a quick update to this shenaniganary, for what it's worth, to anyone tuning in...

Security clearance came back g2g few weeks ago, so that box is checked.

Medical/physical done at Redstone Arsenal; drove up, made a weekend of it... it appears I need to be a little more advancing in my notice, as I missed a few of you guys... *ehem cough* Dale *cough*

Perhaps the best news received is that, due to my record and experience, I will completely bypass WOC school @ Rucker. I'd been preparing for the mind-fcuk of going from O-3 (having run a 500-member maintenance squadron), to what amounts to a 'new recruit' in another form of basic training. For once, I caught what I consider to be a bit of a break. I'm unsure where the 151A MOS WO Basic Course is held (hell, I may still be headed to Rucker anyway), but I'll be rolling out to wherever that is fairly soon, I hope...

Apparently, due to my being a cross-service appointee, the initial selection results listed me as a WO1. But there is a decent chance that they may bring me on as a CW2, considering the 10 years I spent in AF 21A in aviation maintenance and logistics. That'd be pretty solid, and I anticipate hearing something soon, maybe even this week. Looks like that masters degree and all that leadership time won't go to waste after all

Thanks for reading, wishing all dads a happy Fathers' Day, especially to those who, for whatever reason, cannot be with their children...
There's some good news. I hope the CW2 is in the cards for you as well.
Make your time
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