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Originally Posted by oleblu72 View Post
Primary Arms has Anderson lowers for $34.99 probably sell out pretty quick.
Just saw that and was going to post. Even with free transfer am not a big enough fan considering how many lowers have in inventory but if your dealer doesn't hammer you on transfers then they are a good deal. If walk in either LGS I use can be out the door for 49.99 plus 7% tax on their Anderson lowers. If transfer they charge $25 for first unit then $5 per unit after first. Would have to buy three from Primary at one shot to save money and I don't know what their shipping charges are. Might have to do four units to actually save money over walking in off street.

Always figure shipping and transfer fees when order lowers. Before I began hooking them up with Mag Tacticals by splitting my blem specials from factory then became employee had to buy six generic Anderson/Aero type lowers to make the transfer cost and shipping not run price up past buying local. Unless saving real cash, buy from your local vendor so they will be there when you need them. I end up sharing my power buys with them often. Blows their mind how I buy same items cheaper than they can but it's relationships built over time with vendors that helps plus fact will buy any scraps they have laying around. How I ended up in 6XC and with a whole bunch of oddball air gauged 5.56 barrels like 13" 1:8 and 24" 1:12. Drop price cheap enough and will find a use for them.
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