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Originally Posted by 12v71 View Post
Riding herd with my grandfather for many years I saw a bunch of this stuff directly related to coyote scavenging, it all looked liked the stuff posted above.
We never saw any UFO's, just dead cows the 'yotes had been noshing on.
Occam's Razor would dictate that four-legged terrestrial predators accounted for most of the hubbub.

But note this publication and the questions raised.

Colby Marshall, vice president of Silvies Valley Ranch, told The Capital Press, there were no outward signs of a struggle no rope burns on trees, no scattered hoof prints, no strangulation marks. The bulls, he said, look like they simply fell over and died.

Even stranger than the deaths, Harney County Sheriff Deputy Dan Jenkins said, are the mutilations. Only a few pieces of the body were removed on each animal the anus, scrotum, testicles and tongues. One bull was also missing its penis and the tip of one ear.
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