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Originally Posted by vmtz View Post
I picked my copy up last night from my P.O. Box. I only had time to read the chapter on Colombian FN-49's. But I also flipped through the book.

My review is one word: Wow! Oh, wow!

What a nice book, great pictures and well written. Buy a copy before they are gone.
What Vince says...

I have a friend who didn't order the first edition while worrying about it's cost and he missed out on it. Of course, since then, copies of the first edition were sometimes available on the used market for about 4x (or more) the original new price.

He didn't pause this time around and immediately pre-ordered his copy which he has also received and is extremely happy with as well...

I've taken a much more detailed look at this new edition, and I can only regurgitate Vince's comments. I mean that in the very best way, Wayne!

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