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Made in Canada stamped Century guns were all on imported receivers, generally Imbels. Never seen an Argentine but maybe GP has

These were all assembled in Montreal, best of century builds mostly by former canuck armorers...I knew a couple

not seen a one recut to inch mags, the wells were all metric when CAI rolled them out so far as I know

later they moved assembly stateside to their crew of apes who attempted to grind in inch mag well cuts
after that the monkey squad was building on Hesse, Coonan and other domestic type three receivers.

my understanding is the Imbels Century ordered to Montreal were factory cut for tabbed inch pattern covers, every one I have inspected over the years was.

Great Receiver, easy $500 stripped
the rest ?
$400+ torn off it depending on barrel and how the suppressor was mounted
seen them literally glued in place

if you snag it contact member yellowhand for wood furniture, that will enhance it a bit. Shit, I'll toss you a ratty top cover for free that will need a refinish. It's rusty but it's the right price

GunJuicy, I mean GunPlumber can go through it, refinish it to near new spec but he is usually backed up some

Do that and value will be seriously enhanced
as it sits though, maybe an $800 rifle
some might pay more, most less

btw, the Made in Canada marked guns are very early CAI assembly
like early 90s

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