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Originally Posted by gunplumber View Post
Jim Fuller had a demilled PKT barrel chamber welded. I was worried, but it works. Maybe bake at 500 afterwards to normalize?
...... way back when "DP" SLRs were cheap mostly because the chambers were drilled. I saw more than a few over the years on the firing line at Service Rifles shoots that had had the chambers welded up and re-cut. They functioned and seemed to shoot fine. I would not have been comfortable with one though. Perhaps mostly psychological but in those days for maybe $100 more a new barrel was an option.
Originally posted by GOVT1911
You could do some searching and find a nice TLC and do the same thing, still saving a bunch of $$ and end up with a nice, comfortable CAPABLE rig...
(Jiminy Christmas, did I just recommend a 'yota?!!??)
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