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Originally Posted by monkad View Post
Good news, Wayne, ordered some weeks ago and I'm now eagerly waiting for the book to arrive, especially since I missed the first edition which went lost somewhere in the trip between the publisher and my adress some years ago.
I'm sorry to hear that you did not receive your copy of the first edition. I know that the publisher occasionally has problems when shipping books to Europe. We also had a first edition book lost on the way to a contributor in Argentina - we had to send another copy and fortunately that one made it through.

Well, as I have mentioned, the second edition is a better book in every way than the first edition so I hope you receive this one.

My publisher should have all the U.S.-ordered books mailed out by tomorrow and then next week he will probably then be concentrating on the international orders - those take longer to prepare for shipment due to the customs forms.
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