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Originally Posted by Goose52 View Post
Hi Forrest,

I wish I was smart enough to have "picked" Anthony as the publisher. Back in 2003, he actually contacted me when I was running my original FN-49 surveys on a lot of boards and asked if I thought I could do a book. I replied that a book was the goal and that technical writing had always been at least a part of all my positions in my aerospace day-job. He is not only an outstanding publisher with a passion for accuracy and quality of publishing, but is also a professional photographer by trade, as well as being a recognized collector of "all things FN." For my project, it was the perfect match.

And yes, his books are just outstanding. Even the paper - it's extra bucks to go with this heavier coated paper but it just makes the photos so much richer in presentation that he considers it value-added; I hope the readers feel the same. Since my second edition is the first book that he has done in full color, it will likely be something of a template for some of his future issues/editions. So, if you like the "look" of my 2ed. - then expect that his future books will look as good or better.

Also, if you have any interest in FN pistols, you NEED to put his book on that subject on your shopping list ...
Well, then, I guess that I should pass my congratulations on to Anthony for being smart enough to pick you for your book...

And his FN pistol book IS on my list...

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