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Originally Posted by Lee Carpentieri View Post
Wayne, Have you ever seen the Browning FN-49 Muzzle brake? It is 3 1/2 inches long, Has 5 rows going around the Brake itself and has 6 ports per row.

PS, I ordered the second edition to night and paid for.
Hi Lee - thanks for ordering the book...

Regarding a "Browning" muzzle brake, after 32 years of collecting and researching this rifle, I have never run across any "Browning" accessories. Back in 2004, the Browning company historian (Glen Jensen) was unable to find any record of Browning offering either the FN-49 rifle, or any accessories in the company records or catalogs. Also in 2004, an advanced Browning collector reported that: I have checked my two 1960 catalogs, my two 1961 catalogs, my two 1962 catalogs, and my eight 1963 catalogs and do not see any reference whatsoever to this gun in any of the catalogs.

The only record found to date of Browning involvement with this rifle is that a private party in New York state special ordered a single FN-49 (with muzzle brake and sling) from Browning; Browning in turn ordered the rifle from FN and upon receipt delivered it to the customer in New York (this was in 1961). I cover this on page 88 of the second edition.

Further, the FN-manufactured muzzle brake was available by special order from Belgium so why would Browning go to the trouble of designing/manufacturing/offering a muzzle brake of different design for an esoteric rifle of which relatively few were available in the U.S.?

So, the only time I have ever heard of a "Browning" muzzle brake is your periodic mentions of it here on FAL Files. What evidence do you have that your device was made by Browning? A receipt? Do you have the original packaging? Is the part stamped "Browning"? Unless I had some sort of evidence that I could hang my hat on, I could not mention such a device of unproven provenance in my book...
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