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Originally Posted by Tak View Post
She's right that it's all the fault of D.C.

When they hand out free money and massive loans, the cost of college correspondingly skyrockets. We'll keep raising prices because the government will keep giving out more free money and loans.

D.C. ruins most things it touches that are beyond it's original scope. Education is just one of many examples.
Bingo , winner winner chicken dinner. The thought these D卐M☭CRATZ vomit out that making it "free" will somehow make it oh so great for all. "HIGHER EDUCATION" is an Oxymoron in this country. Coupled with the fact primary education under unionized teachers and PC dogma is a complete joke.
The dumbing down of education and the creep of goobermint PC propaganda that has taken it's place is nearly complete.Such stupid people are the perfect sheep to be enticed with "free shit" to give up constitutional freedoms.
The vice of capitolism is it's unequal sharing of blessings.
The Virtue of Socialism is it's equal sharing of MISERY.
Winston Churchill

1) Culture builds upon the past
2) The past always tries to control the future.
3) Our future is becoming less free
4) To build free societies you must limit control of the past.

All hail lord IMPOTUS and Darth Biden All hail.
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