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Originally Posted by the gman View Post
*You* *are* *an* *idiot*. That is all.
again, when the cops are at your door without a warrant, never open the door for the cops.

And again, your response is the very reason why an individual should never open the door for the cops sans warrant.

But like most cops, you just could not resist trying to twist the law into something else via your usual verbal judo, in addition to attempting to escalate things via a personal insult.

Nope, I've never personally insulted you despite this and previous personal insults. I have spoken the truth to you every time I've encountered this behavior from yourself. It's far better to let you prove who and what you are as well as prove what cops do in terms of escalating things.

It is again proof why one should not view LE as trustworthy and sans warrant.........NEVER OPEN THE DOOR, it is your right.
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