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Why you always demand a warrant during a raid..

These guys watched too many episodes of the Shield. They missed the day at the academy about something called the 4th amendment. Bullying a woman and her daughters to open a door, backhanding and threatening to shoot a dog. These guys are all lawyers wet dream though..The video footage is unreal.

FRAMINGHAM – A Framingham family has shared a home security video of members of the MetroWest Drug Task Force at their house last week. The family alleges members of the task forced illegally entered and searched their house, without a warrant, among other allegations.

The video was shared with SOURCE, other Boston media, and nationally.

“These police officers raided our home with no warrant in front of our children,” wrote Antoninette Callahan. “They forced entry into our home and threatened to kill our pregnant dog! They committed an illegal search and seizure, took all of our savings and our legally owned guns, literally took the cash out of our pockets!”

“Now we are need to hire a lawyer to fight for our constitutional rights,” wrote Callahan in launching the GoFundMe seeking to raise $10,000. “We are good hard working patriotic Americans and they have robbed us down to our last pennies.”

No arrests were made on August 7. There is no log entry in the public Framingham Police log.

(Updated): Framingham Police issued this statement after 2:45 p.m. today: “On August 7, 2019 members of Natick and Framingham Police, assigned to the MetroWest Drug Task Force applied for a search warrant in connection with an ongoing investigation into a Prior Drive residence in Framingham.”

Prior Drive is located near Framingham High School and Central Street.

“Probable cause was found to issue the search warrant, and officers subsequently executed it at the home,” said the statement from the Framingham Police and the City of Framingham.

The search warrant was not available to the public (or media) today, August 12.

“Pursuant to the investigation police have applied for criminal charges, and a hearing is scheduled,” said Framingham Police and the City of Framingham in a statement. No other details were provided.

“As this is an ongoing and active investigation no additional information can be released at this time,” said the statement.
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