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Originally Posted by Abominog View Post
Itís the short-sighted belief that the middle man eats up the profit. If I were them Iíd look at Century as an inexpensive marketing, sales, and support services supplier. Now outsourced, as Richard indicated, all that will have to be paid for weekly by a company with limited market exposure and virtually no brand identity. Good luck.

They should look at CZ, which with great products and pedigree still isnít, after decades, a household name like SIG has become. If CZ canít do it, how will they?

Iíd forgo pushing the name and leverage the Serb and Yugo connection. I still donít think thatís enough in a saturated AK market. And Mauser buyers want either German or cheap surplus. Not going to sell many Zabastaba-whatever Mausers unless they cut a deal with Mitchellís to pull some good old false advertising.
And CZ is pushing pushfeed tech now. If all I want is that, I can go to Remington and their $17 barrels--they must have a hundred variants of the 700 now.
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