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Originally Posted by APEXgunparts View Post
Both Remington and Century tried to make a go of selling Zastava produced Mauser rifles.
Zastava even has a section about Remington on the "history" part of their web site.
They cost too much for what they are.

Zastava had a booth at the past Shot Show.
I didn't attend but did read that the pricing on the PaP's etc was noticeably higher than what Century had sold the guns for.
The majority of the guns displayed were commercial type firearms.

For a manufacturer to build guns on their own dime is a very different risk than when they are building to fill a purchase order and are paid upon delivery.
Now their (Zastava) capital is tied up for however many months it takes to sell all 500-1000 pieces, if they can even sell them all.
They (and their bank) will require a good return from that investment/risk.
Remington has the name, marketing and a distribution network.
If they couldn't sell Zastava hunting guns, I don't think this will go well for this new plan Zastava has.

I hope I am wrong... I truly like the guns they build.

You cant find a Mauser type actioned rifle except for the really high end/priced stuff like Kimber, Winchester, Montana etc--I truly cannot afford most of them. I understand the price for a Mauser will be about $800--lets see, if it starts inching over a grand I will grow skeptical.
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