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Originally Posted by h8pvmnt View Post
I just received 2 of the original style from Lionel as well. This is my second time buying these and i am very pleased. The fit and finish is very good, i can't say how much i appreciate that this option exists. Without this option there is no way to properly convert a DR200/300. Thanks very much.
what started as a personal need 9 years ago when Ace discontinued their grip has turned into a personal project to help countless woo owners deban their woos. when i first started looking into this, there was a small list of people that said they wanted in. scared i would have to invest the money up front and not be able to sell them all, this has turned in a project that i enjoy and has surpassed my expectations many times over. i haven't counted the total number sold but it surprises me to this day given the number that were imported.

josh at stormwerkz has been instrumental as well in keeping the woos accessorized. derek at azex/daewoorifleparts was also a woomaster in keeping these things running.
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