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If you like the single 6 but want to save some $$$ look at the Heritage Arms Rough Rider. Comes with both cylinders, and they are a hoot to shoot for the $$$. Academy Sports (not sure if there are any in your area) typically runs them for $99 on Black Friday, which is when I picked mine up a few years ago. Catch there is it only comes with the 22LR cylinder, but the 22Mag cylinder was only like $35 when I bought it from them.

Nice thing I like about it is it's the gun I use to teach new shooters fundamentals. They can't keep pulling the trigger and shooting stuff accidentally when you have to cock the hammer each time. They make a little nicer versions with better sights, and accuracy has been acceptable from the basic sights.

As for Taurus, I've never had an issue with their wheel guns. I've owned several ,and while not Smiths or Colts, they all functioned well with acceptable accuracy.

They're autos are where I recommend research as there is probably no manufacturer that's more hit or miss. I've owned a couple that needed work, but worked fine after, and a couple that I trusted my (and my daughter's) life to as they are that good of a model. The problem child was the 1st gen of the Taurus PT 111. Was VERY ammo sensitive and didn't care for WWB at all. Gave it to my brother and he did some research to find out that the big issue with them was cleaning of the internals; apparently Taurus didn't get all the grinding and machining junk off the parts before assembly, and that gunk would collect near the striker and limit its travel. This made for lighter primer strikes and caused the ammo sensitivity. Someone posted a youtube vid of how to get it apart and clean that $#!+ out and the gun ran like a top after that. The one I've trusted my life to and now my daughter's is the 709 slim 9mm. They are highly rated, striker fired with double strike capability, and nice compact packages. I bought it for $200, ran 4 different boxes of ammo with HPs, ball, etc, through it, deliberately limp-wristed it, ran it filthy, and it wouldn't stop. Daughter has probably put another 1K through it with no reports of problems.

So do your research and avoid people that regurgitate what they heard once in another forum from their uncle's sister's husband's friend that knew a guy. I don't have first-hand knowledge of the Trackers, but I haven't read much with concerns about them either. I do have knowledge of a variety of their models, and would trust their wheel guns without hesitation. FWIW one of my fave wheel guns I own is a Taurus 3" 44sp. I had a trigger job done on it and that made it feel better than any factory trigger on my Rugers or Smiths. Now they have all had trigger jobs and exceed the Taurus, but that .44 is a joy to shoot, big bullets without big recoil. It rides in the passenger's door slot in the truck as I figure anyone could shoot it in a pinch.
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