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Still Learning......

Took the rifle out back this morning and ran a box of ammo through it for function. No place here to shoot for accuracy at all. From those few rounds, function was 100% with the Colt magazine. No problems of any kind, and at the close range I was firing was pretty much to point of aim. A 5.56 is a soft shooting round anyway of course, but this rifle just soaks up what little recoil there usually is.
As shown above, it now wears a set of 551 hand guards. Me likey. Now, the stock is a folding type, but also telescopes in and out some. I keep seeing the Swiss 551 stocks are better....maybe more solid and do not telescope? Is there $300 worth of difference? Edumacate me on these if you can! I am happy with the HK style rear sight that came with the rifle. For it's intended purpose, the trigger is adequate as well for me. Stock would be about all I might consider.
Also.....1st & 2nd generations. Being a 2009, which do I have? The receiver rail has three screws, I read somewhere that that makes it a 2nd? The 1st had 4 screws? Any other ideas that need to be wandering around in my gray matter?
I'll try to get it to a place to see if I can actually hit a target with it ASAP, but based solely on the few rounds fired this morning, I am really liking this thing so far. I do believe it had never been fired. I got to add the first brass kisses behind the ejection port.....
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