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First two photos are of the monstrosity that I had laid away. All SIG accessories to include rails, SIG-TAC light/strobe/laser vertical foregrip. From what I understand the newer models take AA batteries, this one does not.....a shorter battery about half the length of a double A. Laser flickers when activated, but batteries must be about shot. Double magazine assembly, what I thought was cheap plastic no-name garbage, is also SIG branded. Still looks like cheap junk to me......anything good about these?
Scope is a really nice Leupold VX-R 2-7x33, rings unknown but seem well made.
All together, this thing weighed a ton.

Next two pics are what I now have in my safe. Taking the rifle apart, it still had the SIG factory grease, and appears to have not been fired much, if any at all. Action is smooth as butter, and I can not visually detect anything canted or funky looking at all. Stuck the SIG mags in my stash & put in a Colt for the photos, but I'll try several different types in it when I get a chance to shoot it a few times.
Unsure if I want to sell off any of the "tacticool" stuff or not. May keep it in the spare parts drawers in case I ever want it back on....which I doubt. The scope will probably find a better rifle to be at home on than an already too heavy 5.56. I'll give that some thought.
So, here is my "practicool" instead of "tacticool" SIG 556. WIll let you know if it shoots or not ASAP.

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