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Have indoor range set up at work that bullet traps will stop up to 7.62x39 loaded with cast bullets & 44 magnum full power loads. Set up a moving course with a half dozen stations had to move to and shoot from. Did not realize/notice one station was directly under a smoke detector on monitored alarm system. Was running course with unlimited IPSC pistol using major power factor ammo and vertical blast from compensator actually blew smoke detector apart and was hanging by wires from ceiling.

I never noticed alarm went off as horn ins outside and kept repeating course wearing my my 31 dB reduction muffs. Had at least four dozen magazines loaded in a big pile at first station so soon as ran entire course would stop timer, refill mag pouches with fresh magazines then hit button on timer and wait for beeper. Fire Department arrived to what sounded like full scale gun battle but most of my part time employees over the years have been off duty local firefighters.

Was intently running my drills when side door opened (lock all other doors when shoot and only trusted employees have key to side door) to see one of my guys walk in wearing full turn out gear. Cleared pistol and he waived rest of guys in. They told me had fire alarm to which I said had put covers on all smoke heads before shooting session. Fans do a good job but sensors are sensitive so my alarm company supplied me with a set of covers that snap over smoke heads when I am shooting in shop. Had no idea that the placement of one shooting station that day put port of compensator right under a smoke head or that port vented enough gas to destroy a covered smoke detector.

F.D. got a big kick out of it and now I have a big orange spot painted on floor under every smoke head so know not to shoot compensated pistols under them anymore. Due to first truck on scene hearing gunfire before truck with a part time employee showed cops were called and they got a good laugh at my expense as well and really seemed to like my setup. Told all I keep at least 1,000 rounds of 45 acp, 9mm, 40 Smith, 38 spcl and 44 spcl all the time. If want to shoot I am always looking for an excuse to take a shooting break. Stop by if my truck is there and ammo is free if their guns eat what I stock. Not uncommon to have cops on lunch break or fire fighters coming off morning clock out stop to help me burn my ammo up. Between friends, employees, random cops and firemen we burn a lot of caps at work. Nicest part is recover over 90% of lead from bullet traps to recast so primers & powder is only real cost to keep sharp & build friends in multiple departments from fire, sheriff's department and local P.D.

I was stunned to see how much damage a ported 10mm did to that smoke detector. Blew protective test cover off, broke unit loose from mount on ceiling and broke face off that normally have to rotate 1/3 of diameter to remove & clean sensor plus blew cover off battery compartment though we don't use batteries due to pulling power from wires going back to alarm panel. Going to have to swap my suppressor gas plug out of 16" short gas FAL for standard plug and get some video to see how much gas and flame is venting upwards from my shorty FAL. Interesting how many places a firearm can vent pressure that may not expect. Have video of my Superlative Arms piston drive AR 15s venting gas out front of gas block. Even my D.I. ARs with Superlative Arms adjustable gas blocks will spit a lot of excess gas and burnt powder out front of block rather back into operating system of rifle.
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