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Originally Posted by allamerican401 View Post
Well our main hospital here has, or is rationing, when they won't give masks to lab techs while asking them to draw blood for cv19 tests.
I disagree with many measures being taken, but they won't let us send lead downrange to the idiots infecting everybody, so I don't know what the answer is, other than letting us make a few examples of the morons living all around us.
Anyway.. Here's a good coronavirus soul/gospel song for y'all! Ha!!
I just don't understand. Some nurse in Bend oregon has had to use the same mask for 3 weeks. Didn't they have more than one mask to begin with? The entire state only has 404 infected receiving hospital care yet the entire state is out of mask? We have 6 counties with nobody infected and the state is out of mask.

We have 40 hospital facilities and 404 sick people so 10 to a hospital and everyone is out of equipment. How were they ever running these hospitals doing regular hospital work without the proper equipment?

Oregon says they have 733 ventilators and gave NYC 140 that the Feds gave them above the 733. Still can't find out if oregon allows the Z pack and hexicloa whatever.
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