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Originally Posted by Riversidesports View Post
the original "Luger" round was the .30
The Imperial army came up with the 9mm we know today as a War round
Parabellum transilated is "for War"

P08 defines as Pistole modele 1908 when Germany adopted it
Parabellum defines the 9mm chambering
Euros never applied the term "Luger", that was an American marketing thing by Stoeger which started with their import of the earlier 1900 model

besides Mitchell you had the Interarms guns manufactured by Mauser on Swiss tooling back in the 70s
Yeah, I knew all that Jim.
I meant that I had heard of more recent .30 Lugers. The old commercial Luger in our family is in .30. I don't know its vintage but I'd guess my grandfather acquired it circa 1930-40. I may have confused the "modern" Lugers in that caliber for something else. Interesting story though about the Stoeger running good in warm weather. The last time I shot mine it never missed a beat; might've been warmer weather, idk.
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