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Originally Posted by MACV View Post
You just had to bring this up. I went down and checked mine earlier. You guessed it, locked up. An hour of soaking in Kroil loosened it up. Scrubbed and lubed that rascal and will be sure to clean from now on.
I am glad it worked for you, I wish I could say the same. Two days of soaking in PB but still stuck.

I have little grip with any wrench (including a crescent one), as the button is in the way. I have tried to keep the release button pushed in while hitting the other end of the pin with a rubber mallet - nada.

I have now switched back to Kroil and will keep soaking it, actually the little hole just behind the gas blocks is quite convenient to drop oil in while keeping the stripped upper barrel down into a plastic container. I can see the oil dripping from the front of the plug, and while cleaning with a rug there were carbon residues.

I will keep soaking it all week, I can do little else anyway because my gunsmith is still AWOL....
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