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I kinda consider what is the best vehicle for the cartridge but heck you have to buy it and try it to see if you like it. My first 10mm was a Colt Delta Elite in stainless and I really like it. After shooting it a while it really grew on me but god knows a man has two hands so a gun for each in whatever caliber is important. The glock 29 was refered to me by several people and they were right. It shoots real flat for a small gun and is not hard to control but the blast rocks the entire she'd when I shoot.

I have a 629 44 mag but don't load it hot, I do a factory duplication load out of the Lyman loading manual. 240 jhp

My 357 is a model 28 for the 158 grain jhp loaded to factory duplication out of the same manual.

Those are my power guns but like you said the 40 is powerful and magazine fed so you have good reasoning in your choice. I have all the loading gear for 10mm so you convinced me I need the 40 Now I just shop for one at a good price.

Some of you guys cost me too much money.
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