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Originally Posted by hkshooter View Post
How do you know this?
A lower number Coonan receiver was built by Gunplumber in September (per his Coonan receiver thread). He put the date as 13 September for the several he received.
So if the receiver arrived at the builder's around that time (let's say 1 September); and the rifle was transferred to Cabela's by 1 December, that's 90 days from buying a parts kit and receiver (which look close to $800 to me, without shipping/FFL/etc), assemble, etc.
I'm essentially looking at $1000 from Cabela's. That's looking to me like the OP bought, assembled, gave up, and sold or traded it for close to his cost of parts inside 3 months at most.

Or maybe I'm thinking too much. I do that a lot (engineering brain: why do something when we can study it and redesign it 6 ways first?)

Either way, I've decided to learn more about the FAL variants and get what I want after I've done my homework.

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